I am Lindsey. I have been married for a sweet 8 years and live in the wonderful city of Athens, Ga. My husband and I got married while still in school and it has been the most wonderful thing to learn together, grow together, and discover our passions right alongside of each other. We have 2 beautiful boys and a sweet angel baby. I grew up with two sisters, so I have had to quickly learn the basics of raising boys and still have a long way to go! They challenge, teach, and stretch me in so many ways! I love coffee, books, rainy days, and I will never give up writing the old school way {with pens and paper}!

My journey to birth work

The lifespan of individuals has always held my interest. While I was at the University of Georgia, I studied child and family development. During my time there I started to feel a shift in my end goals and transferred to Tennessee Temple University in order to pursue a degree in Christian Counseling. I graduated with that degree, fully intending to continue onto graduate school for professional counseling. Shortly after, I got pregnant with our first son. I knew I wanted to stay home when we started having babies, so that's what I did. In all honesty though, I still felt a part of me was yet to be discovered. As I began to process my birth experience I stumbled upon the world of doulas. I attended my training and started attending births shortly after. It quickly became clear that it was no coincidence that this work found me. It combines my love of educating and empowering women, with something I have always felt drawn to--life. The same strengths and unique set of skills that inspired me to get a degree in counseling are also absolutely necessary to do the work that doulas do. I am so grateful to the women that allow me to be a part of their journeys. 

As my desire to serve women has deepened, I have found doula work leading me towards midwifery. As of January 2019, I will be limiting the number of doula clients per month in order to best be able to complete my coursework, serve clients, and gain experience as a student midwife through a home birth practice. My desire as a doula is still the same—to serve, educate, and love women well through this transitional time in life.

Why Birth?

Pregnancy and birth stir my heart in a way that not very many things do. The miracle of it, the deeply sacred time that it is, and the body's ability to carry out these processes ignite a passion and calling in me. Women deserve to be empowered and supported through education and encouragement, so that they can make decisions that will benefit them, their babies, and their families. 


*For details on the services Lindsey provides, see our services page.


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