I am so grateful for each family that allows me to be a part of their birth. It is an absolute honor.


"It was such a blessing to have Lindsey accompany me during my labor. Her knowledge and experiences guided me and helped me get relaxed during the whole process. I wish I had known and been able to learn from her earlier, so that I could have enjoyed more happiness than nervousness in the last two months of pregnancy. I greatly appreciated her being there until 12 a.m. to make sure I was safe and for supporting me, even with her own 5 month baby in her belly!"


"Lindsey Hughes is amazing. A strong woman who has given birth twice herself, she comes at being a Doula from experience. She is very good at reading the situation and being positive, upbeat and encouraging when the situation calls for it. Other times she is quiet, calm and fades into the background. Her presence at the birth of my son was both peaceful and strong. She evaluates the situation with experienced eyes and offers suggestions at moments of tension or confusion. She is a great communicator and answers emails and texts quickly and thoroughly. It was such a relief for me and my husband to have her by our sides as we welcomed our little baby. Her presence allowed my husband a few breaks and when he was by my side Lindsey either quietly offered us both suggestions or unobtrusively held space while we worked together. From offering massage and touch to reminding me of affirmations to being a sounding board for discussing medical options to reassuring us throughout the whole birth process, Lindsey was an indispensable help in us getting to have the birth experience we wanted."

-Elizabeth & Cutter

"Lindsey is an incredible doula (and friend) who stayed with me over 24 hours as I labored at St. Mary's. I'm thankful not only for her friendship, but her support as I navigated pregnancy for the first time. Without her I would not have made it as far as I did nor would have been as comfortable and at peace with the ultimate decision to have a c-section which was the absolute last thing I wanted to happen. If you hope to have a baby in 2017, or are already pregnant, having a doula is so worth it. My husband was an amazing partner but sometimes you need someone who has gone through exactly what you're experiencing. I would recommend her 1000% and plan to use her when we're ready for more (many, many years from now 😬)"

-Megan & Jonathan


"Lindsey attended the birth of my second child in December of 2016 and it was the perfect birthing experience. She is present and interactive when she needs to be, but she also knows when to take a step back and encourage a spouse or partner to take the primary support role. She provided great education, support and relief to my husband, and her calming presence was just what I needed in the birthing room. Lindsey is a natural encourager, and her constant affirmation and just her positive presence are something every mama deserves to have during her birthing experience! If we decide to have a third child, Lindsey will be there."

-Danielle & Andrew

"Lindsey was an amazing fit for the labor and delivery of my second baby. Her gentle and encouraging spirit, attention to detail, and positive spirit was exactly what I needed to get through a long, hard labor. I believe my labor and delivery would have turned out much differently if I had not had her there to help me through it. She helped me achieve my goal of birthing naturally and provided both physical support (suggesting different positions, holding my hand, applying counter-pressure during back labor) and emotional support (talking me through contractions, positive affirmations, being a constant presence and advocate in the hospital room) and stayed with my husband and I through the entire labor. My husband loved having her there and felt very supported through the birthing process as well. She even brought us food after things calmed down and was great to follow up with a postpartum visit. I highly recommend her doula services and care!"

-Simone & Nathan

Photo Credit: Savannah Cole