Why encapsulate? 

Placenta encapsulation is one way to prepare for and love yourself well during the 4th trimester. Although it is an area that is in need of greater research, many women report positive effects associated with consuming their placenta (placentophagy). These benefits include:

  • hormone balance during the postpartum period (reduction of the risk of ppd)

  • increased energy

  • increased milk supply

  • replenished iron levels

  • overall support during the 4th trimester


Placenta Encapsulation for current clients

- $150 for capsules (typically 100-150 depending on size of placenta) and cord keepsake.

- Placenta art is an additional $25.


Placenta Encapsulation for non—clients

- $200 for capsules (typically 100-150 depending on size of placenta) and cord keepsake.

-30 minute postpartum check-in when I drop off your capsules.

-Placenta art is an additional $25.

Placenta print and cord keepsake

Don’t want to ingest your placenta? I am more than happy to make you a print of your placenta as well as dehydrate the umbilical cord for you to treasure, remember, and honor the life-giving work of your placenta for an investment of $100.

about the placenta:

The placenta is your baby’s main source of nutrients and oxygen while in the womb. It is comprised of both fetal and maternal material. It is what sustains your baby throughout the pregnancy through its intricate and life giving qualities.

about the encapsulation process:

The steps are fairly straight forward and simple. If I am your doula, I will bring your placenta home with me after your birth. If I am not your doula, we will arrange for me to pick it up from you as soon as possible. Essentially, I will be on call for your placenta ;)

Once I get your placenta home, I will rinse and drain it. Then proceed to dehydrate and encapsulate it! I will then deliver your capsules within 72 hours—complete with personalized instructions and recommendations.

The placenta is the organ that nourishes your baby in the womb—it is a wonderful option to let it continue to nourish you after your baby is born!

**I am OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen certified and follow all the protocol as laid out in the training.

If you are interested in this service or in learning more, please contact us here!



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