Meet Behold's Intern // Lauren Luckey


Hello! My name is Lauren and I’m an intern here at Behold Birth. I was born and raised in the Classic City of Athens and have a big heart for this vibrant community that I am lucky enough to call home. I’m a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences and minoring in Public Health.

My passion for birth work began in high school when I volunteered in the labor and delivery department at my local hospital. This experience lifted my heart for birth work in a way that I hadn’t felt before. I was in awe of the birth workers who encourage and empower women so well during the process. My studies in college have allowed me to explore my passion for prenatal and infant development and help assess the needs of different populations through public health. Human development naturally led me to discover the career of a midwife. When I met with midwives in the Athens community I instantly knew this was a career that would allow me to serve women the best way I can and to encourage and support them during pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy and birth have such a tender place in my heart. I believe the miracle of birth is one of the most beautiful things offered in this life. I am most excited to intern with Behold Birth to help educate and support mothers and their families during their pregnancies. Women are so good at encouraging one another and building each other up, and I think pregnancy is such a special time to use those gifts. To be a part of the process-- to encourage, empower, and support mothers and their families is such a true blessing.